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My Experience at 'The Last Ship' Junket in San Diego!


The kind folks at TNT Drama invited me to San Diego to interview the cast and producers of their new show, 'The Last Ship' last weekend, and man!!! I had a BLAST! If you follow my facebook page, you saw me post about my experience, as it was happening.

In case you missed it, I thought I'd tell you about it (briefly, if I can!) and share my photo gallery, in anticipation of the show's premiere THIS SUNDAY night at 9pm EST (on TNT, of course!)


After an early flight, I arrived in San Diego quite early as well, thanks to the time change.  I was greeted at the baggage claim by a vivacious gentleman named Bert, who would be my driver. On the way to the hotel, Bert gave me a mini tour of San Diego and pointed out the USS Midway, the Navy ship that I'd be watching the show premiere on later that night. Shortly after, I arrived at the most beautiful hotel I've ever stayed in, The US Grant. I checked in and went to the lobby to be greeted by THE NICEST ladies from TNT! They hooked it up with an itinerary for the weekend and a whole bunch of awesome goodies that followed the shows theme, including my own custom dog tags. 

I got to explore the city just for a bit before it was time to get ready for our dinner cruise. When the time arrived, I met fellow DJs from across the country in the lobby and we hopped on the bus to the port. We boarded our beautiful vessel for the evening, and got to drink, dine, and mingle, while sailing the waters and seeing the absolutely gorgeous views of San Diego. It was my absolute honor to be among so many people that share my passion for radio in such an incredible atmosphere.  Our company was shared with executive producers, Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane, as well as the amazing ladies of TNT.

The fun was just getting started! After our dinner cruise, we boarded the USS Midway , where we would watch the show's premiere. I'd never been on a vessel of its caliber, and I was blown away by its magnitude--just being aboard the ship was an experience in itself! Popcorn, candy, and beverages were offered to us and we all took a seat to watch the first episode of 'The Last Ship'.  Hank and Steven gave us a brief intro, and mentioned that there would be laughter, tears, and everything in between.  They hit the nail on the head.  

This show IS AWESOME!

Though he wasn't at the junket (he was busy filming a little movie about transformers ;) silly guy), Michael Bay is also an executive producer of this series, so you definitely see a lot of action while watching. The show seemed much more like a mini movie to me...the film work and acting is just incredible, and I love the story line. (I'm so excited for YOU to watch the premiere, too!)

So after coming off of THAT excitement high, we rode back to the hotel. I cozied up in my room (you better believe I put that robe on...did you see it? So comfy!) and mentally prepared for my morning, when I'd get to interview the producers and show's stars, Eric Dane (ahhhhh!!!) and Rhona Mitra (ahhhhhh again!)!

The next morning came quickly! I ordered waffles to my room (because why not?), collected my thoughts, and got ready for my interviews. On my way down to the ground floor, two other DJs were returning from THEIR interviews, and they calmed the (wee bit ;) of) nervousness that I had in anticipation of meeting these actors. Then it was time! 

I interviewed Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane first, and they were just as funny, kind, and down to earth as they were the night before--an absolute pleasure!  Next, I spoke with the GORGEOUS Rhona Mitra, and she wowed me with not only her beauty, but her intellect. She brought along her puppy, Matilda, to the interviews and took some photos of her giving me kisses! (Kisses from Matilda...not Rhona...)  You'll hear parts of my interview with Rhona as you continue to listen to 98ROCK.   You'll get to hear me speak with Eric Dane, too! He was next in line for me to interview and ladies, I have to say, he is even more dreamy in person!  He was absolutely charming and so very kind as well.

It was so cool to talk to the actors and producers about the show--to hear their feelings on everything from the characters, to the sets and design, to the filming process...just awesome! I wanna say more, but I also don't want to spoil anything for you about the show!!!

So after the interviews were all said and done, it was play time! TNT hooked us up with some activity options, including Navy Seal boot camp, a segway tour, and a helicopter tour. The waffles got in the way of me doing boot camp, but I made it to the helicopter tour and I am SO THANKFUL that I did! What an experience! I overcame my claustrophobia and fear of heights for a brief time and saw some of the most beautiful views that I ever have from that chopper. 

Later that night, TNT hosted dinner and cocktail time for us and it was an amazing opportunity to really spend some time with my fellow DJs and get to know them better. 

The next day, it was time to come home! Now I get to cherish these memories and get excited for this series that I have a personal bond with.  I'm so grateful for it all and I can't wait to watch 'The Last Ship' premiere THIS SUNDAY, June 22, at 9pm EST on TNT!

*Watch 'The Last Ship' trailer below!

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